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1. Player Registration-all players must be listed on the teams’ roster prior to the first game. Once the team has checked in, no changes will be made to the roster. All players must be registered with DYSA as a recreational player or travel player.  Travel players may not play on a recreational team.
2. Number of Players-a maximum of eight (8) is the number of players on a team. Three (3) field players at a time. There are no goalkeepers in 3 v 3.
3. Substitution-substitutes are permitted at any dead ball situation. Players are to obtain referees attention before entering the field.
4. Coaches-a maximum of two (2) coaches are permitted on the sidelines. Coaches are to remain in close proximity to the team’s sideline area and may not cross beyond midfield.
5. Team Uniforms-all players must wear matching jerseys and bring a pinnie in the event both teams are in the same color jerseys. All players must wear shin guards.
‚Äč6. Game Balls-DYSA will supply game balls.
7. Field Dimensions-are 35-40 yards (length) and 25-30 yards (width)
8. Goals and Goal box-the goals are a maximum of four feet high by six feet wide. The goal box is six feet wide by six feet long and is directly in front of the goal. If any part of the ball or the player’s body is on or across the line it is considered in the goal box, as the player is an extension of the box. If a defender touches the ball in the goal box, a goal is awarded to the offensive team. If the defender or the ball is in the box and contact is made, a goal is awarded. If an offensive player touches the ball within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team. If the ball comes to a complete stop in the goal box, regardless of which team touches it last, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team.
9. Game Duration-the game shall consist of two (2)  halves, separated by a 3-minute halftime period. If a team reaches 12 goals before the end of the game, the game will be considered complete. 
10.Forfeits-teams will be given a five (5) minute grace period for unforeseen circumstances before the ref will declare a forfeit. A team forfeiting two or more games, will be removed from the tournament and no refund will be issued.
11.Scoring-goals can be scored from anywhere on the offensive half of the field of play. A goal cannot be scored from a kick off. Games will be scored: 3 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; and 0 points for a loss.
12.Tiebreakers (after qualifying play)-1) head to head; 2) goal differential 3) most goals scored 4) least goals allowed
13.Playoff overtime-shall consist of sudden death overtime period, maximum length of three (3) minutes, with a coin toss to decide kickoff direction. The first team to score in overtime is the winner. If no winner is determined within the three (3) minute overtime period, a shootout will take place. A coin toss will determine which team will begin the penalty kick round. The three players remaining in the field at the time of overtime will alternate with each penalty kick, with the high scoring team winning after the first round. If the score remains tied after the first round of penalty kicks, the same field players will rotate in a sudden death penalty kick format until one team scores unanswered.
14. No off sides or slide tackles in 3 v 3
15. Protests-
there will no protests
16. Sportsmanship-players, coaches and parents are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship. Abuse of the referee will not be tolerated. Spectators are prohibited from entering the field of play at any time during the match.
17. Player Ejection-referees have the right to eject a player from the game for continual disobedience or as a result of an incident that warrants sending the player off. The team may then continue with the remaining players on their team. If the ejected player was on the field, he/she may be replaced by an eligible rostered player on the team. Players receiving a red card will sit out a two game suspension.
18. Coach/Parent Ejection-a coach or parent that is ejected from a game will be required to leave the facility and will not be permitted to return to the event.
19. Noise makers are prohibited

In the event that situations or occurrences take place that are not covered in the rules of play, the tournament director will have the sole discretion to address the situation/occurrence.