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The Rules of Play set by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) will be used for games played except for the following modifications for all instructional league games. Violation of these rules will be dealt with accordingly up to and including forfeiture of the game and expulsion from the League.

Rule 1: The Field of Play (Field, Equipment & Spectators)
1.1 The field of play for all teams in the league will follow standard FIFA rules
• Length: minimum 70 yards/maximum 80 yards for 12U
• Width: minimum 45 yards/maximum 55 yards for 12U
• Length: minimum 100 yards/maximum 130 yards 14U and up
• Width: minimum 50 yards/maximum 100 yards 14U and up
1.2 The field of play (9 v 9) will be adjusted to accommodate the smaller sided game
• Length: minimum 70 yards/maximum 80 yards for 12U
• Width: minimum 45 yards/maximum 55 yards for 12U

Note: These are FIFA guidelines. Maximum dimensions can be slightly larger if the host club chooses

1.3 The goal size for U14 to senior divisions will follow standard FIFA rules
• 8 x 24’
1.4 The goal for U12 (9 v 9) will be adjusted to accommodate the smaller sided game
1.5 Both teams will be on the same sidelines. The home coach has the choice of which end. All parents and spectators must be on the opposite side of the field.
1.6 U12 and older coaching must be in the technical area. The technical area shall be defined as 15 yards on either side on the mid field line.
1.7 No coaches or spectators will be allowed behind the goal.

Rule 2: The Ball
2.1 The home team is responsible for providing the game ball
2.2 The ball size will be: U12: Size 4 U14 and above: Size 5

Rule 3: The number of Players (Participation, Substitution, Medical and Representative (Carded Players)
3.1 There will be a total of nine (9) players on the field; one (1) of which will be the Goalkeeper of the U12 age group.
3.2 There will be a total of eleven (11) players on the field; one (1) of which will be the Goalkeeper for the U14 and older age groups.
3.3 A minimum of six (6) players is necessary for the U12 and nine (9) players for the U14 and older age groups to constitute a team in order to start an official game. A team who is short players must play with all their players on the field and not hold some for substitutes. Additional players may be added at stoppage of play with the permission of the referee. Each team will play an equal number of players. A team short of players may “borrow” players from the opposing team if acceptable by coaches and players. A U12 started with one team having less than 6 players or U14 and older game started with one team having fewer than nine (9) players will result in that team forfeiting the game by a score of 1-0, regardless if the game is played by borrowing players or playing down.
3.4 Every player MUST play a minimum of 50% of each game.
3.5 The purpose of the league is to help develop the understanding of the game of soccer. It is strongly recommended that players be used in different positions throughout the game.
3.6 It is acceptable in the U12 and above age groups for the same player to remain as goalkeeper 100% of the game.
3.7 All coed teams will play in the boys age groups (i.e. BU12, BU14, etc)
3.8 Number of rostered players on a team must not exceed 21 for the U14 and older age groups and 16 for the U12 age group.
3.9 Players may only play for one team.  If a team is found to be using players from other teams, the team will be removed from the league.
3.10 Rosters for the U14 and up age groups are “frozen” as of the first games. No player may be added to a roster after the first games for the league.
3.11 A club authorized director (President, Vice President, Secretary or Director of Recreation/Instruction) is required to provide to DYSA Administration an original certified team roster (generated by the club’s registration system, club authorized director live signature and date) for each team participating in the DYSA Inter Club Instructional League at the time of participating team submission. Roster information to contain players name and date of birth.
3.12 U16 and above age brackets may play a combined age bracket. If the age brackets are combined, all club/affiliates must evenly distribute the U18 players evenly.
3.13 No school organized teams are permitted.
3.14 A $250.00 team fine will be assessed to any club/affiliate that a team drops out of the current season after the cutoff date for team information.

3.15 Any injured player may be substituted with the permission of the referee.
3.16 There is no limitation to the number of times a team may substitute.
3.17 A player who has been replaced by substitution may re-enter the game at a later time during a subsequent substitution.
3.18 After permission from the referee, all substitute players must enter the field of play at the mid-field line.
3.19 Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage in play

Medical and First Aid
3.20 Medical forms must be filled out and signed for every player and carried by the coach at all games. These forms must be filled out prior to any participation in the league.
3.21 Coaches must have a first aid kit at all practices and games. In addition, hosting club should have ice on hand. Instant ice packs are not recommended.
3.22 Any serious injury to a player incurred during a DYSA Inter-club league activity must be reported immediately to the injured players home team and hosting club coordinator.
Representative (Carded) Players
3.23 Representative (carded) players may not simultaneously play on both a Representative team and on an Instructional team in the same season.
3.24 Before playing in the Instructional League, a carded player must:
A. Obtain written permission from his/her coach (representative coach) and the club.
B. Give up his/her card and become “un-carded” for the season of play in the Instructional League
3.25 Distribution of “un-carded” players must be evenly distributed amongst the age appropriate teams within the club.
3.26 After playing an entire season as an instructional player, the player is considered an instructional player for subsequent seasons unless “re-carded”.

Rule 4: The Player’s Equipment
4.1 The away team will have choice of jersey color.
4.2 All players are required to wear a representing club jersey.
4.3 Shin guards are mandatory for all players during practice and games.
4.4 Shin guards must be covered by a sock
4.5 No jewelry is to be worn. Tapping is not acceptable method of protection from jewelry. All Jewelry must be removed.
4.6 A player being allowed to compete with a hard cast is at the discretion of the
referee. At a minimum, all hard casts must be covered with a soft material (i.e. foam or bubble wrap)

Rule 5: The Referee (Conduct)
5.1 No dissent, insulting or abusive language towards any official will be tolerate
5.2 Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.
5.3 Referees, in accordance to the authority vested in them by FIFA, are instructed to issue a warning to an for unruly or abusive behavior on the part of the spectators. A second warning issued for the same reason will automatically terminate the game and offending team will forfeit the game. A score of 1-0 will be recorded for the game
5.4 A referee may issue a warning or send-off directly a coach for dissent of a referee. If the coach is ejected, he must leave the sight of the field. Coaches receiving a send-off will be reported to their respective club for any disciplinary action required by their club. Additional penalties and/or restrictions may be imposed by the league.
5.5 No protests will be entertained.
5.6 Hosting club is responsible for the referee staff (assignments) and referee fees.
5.7 There will be a minimum of one (1) referee and one (1) assistant referee (preferably two (2) assistant referees officiating each U14 and above game
5.8 There will be a minimum of one (1) referee and one (1) assistant referee (preferably two (2) assistant referees officiating each U12 game.

Rule 6: The Assistant Referee
6.1 See Rule 5 above.

Rule 7: The Duration of the Match (Inclement Weather & Cancellations)
7.1 U12 will play 25 minute halves with a five (5) minute intermission
7.2 U14-U18 will play 35 minute halves with a five (5) minute intermission
7.3 Stoppage time will not be added to game time
7.4 There will be no overtime for regular season games

Inclement Weather
7.5 A decision to cancel games will be made by the hosting club
7.6 Go to the hosting club’s website ad any cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted on their home page
7.7 Cancellations should also be on the hosting clubs phone hotline
7.8 The home team is responsible for working with their club/the opposing club to reschedule the game at a time/location that is agreed upon by BOTH coaches. There is NO penalty for not making up a rain out.
7.9 Rainout games not made up prior to the last regularly scheduled game will not be recorded for either team

Other Cancellations
7.10 A maximum of five-minute grace period, to allow a team to come to a full complement of players, will be allowed after the schedule kick-off time before the game is awarded to the opposing team. (See section 3.3) In the event of a forfeit, the game will be scored as 1-0
7.11 The absence of a team’s coach or assistant coach is not acceptable reason to delay the start of the game

Rule 8: The Start and Restart of Play
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 9: The Ball In and Out Play
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 10: The Method of Scoring (Game, Season and Playoffs)
10.1 All scores and standings will be recorded for all age groups
10.2 Scores to be forwarded by the host team/club to the DYSA Interclub League Director
10.3 In an effort to prevent “running up the score”, the recorded game score will only
reflect a five (5) goal difference. Points will be deducted for teams/coaches running up scores.
10.4 The referee is responsible for turning in a game card (signed by both coaches)
with the correct score to the hosting club office for all U14 and older games played

10.5 Standings – Each team will receive:
• Three (3) points for a win
• One (1) point for a tie
• Zero (0) points for a loss
• Standings are based on a point system per game (total points/games played). In the event of a point tie, standings will be determined by:

1. Head to Head competition
2. Goals against
3. Goals for
4. A qualifying game

Teams that “run up the score” will lose points. If a team/coach continue to run up the score, one point will be deducted for each goal scored above 5 goal differential.

Rule 11: Offside
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 12: Fouls and Misconduct
12.1 Players are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the game as well as the letter of the law. Players ejected from a game (red card) must sit out the remainder of the game and the team shall play down a player. The referee has the authority to have the offending player leave the field.
12.2 A player receiving a red card must sit out the next scheduled game
12.3 A player receiving a yellow card must be substituted at the time of the foul. The yellow carded player may re-enter the game at the next stoppage of play per Rule 3 –


12.4 Any player receiving a yellow and/or red card is to be reported to the club/affiliate
Director of Recreation and DYSA Director of Recreation for disciplinary action required
by their respective club and/or DYSA disciplinary committee
12.5 The goalkeeper has 6 seconds to distribute the ball (Standard FIFA Rule)
12.6 No charging of the goalkeeper will be tolerated

Rule 13: Free Kicks
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 14: The Penalty Kicks
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 15: The Throw In
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 16: The Goal Kick
Follows FIFA Laws

Rule 17: The Corner Kick
Follows FIFA Laws