Q:  How do I become a referee?


A:  All Delaware Youth Soccer Association Clubs use United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certified referees.  In order to become a USSF referee, you must take the course that was developed by the United States Soccer Federation.  The entry class is offered at different times throughout the year.  The dates are announced on the Delaware Soccer Referee web site:  www.socrefde.com


Q: I took the class and have my badge.  How do I get game assignments?


A: Contact the club assignor.  We suggest you select a club close to your home and contact the assignor.  There is a list of assignors listed on www.socrefde.com .  The list of assignors is on the left side of the page in the blue column, click on “Assignor” for a list of clubs and assignors.


Q:  If I live in Wilmington can I referee in Hockessin and Kirkwood or MOT?


A:  Yes.  A USSF referee can officiate any where in the State.  Some referees chose to referee in one club.  As long as you remain a referee in good standing, you can officiate in any club or clubs you want.


Q: I sat through the class last year.  Do I have to do it again?


A:  Referees have to be recertified every year.  You must attend a recertification class each year in order to remain in good standing.


Q:  What if I got an assignment, but then received a better one?


A: You should always honor your first assignment.


Please consult www.socrefde.com for information on Delaware Referees. 
Additional information can be found on

Andrew Dennis, State Referee Administrator sra@socrefde.com

Kelly Cardner, State Youth Referee Administrator syra@socrefde.com

Bob Jarvis, State Director of Instruction bob@jarvis.net

Nick Courtois, State Director of Assessments nick_courtois@yahoo.com