2014-2015 Registration Procedure for ALL DYSA Organizations

1. ALL organizations, in house, rec and travel, must first do the “Step 1 Labels.”

2. Second, all board members, volunteers, coaches, for all organizations including the DYSA Board and staff must complete “Risk Management Registration” Click on the Risk Management link below [Step 2]

3. Travel teams will be able to create teams for the 2014-2015 season after July 1, 2014.  Please contact the State Registrar if you should you have any questions.
STEP ONE: Labels for ALL DYSA Organizations

For the 2014-2015 Season

Every organization must complete this step which defines if you have an instructional and/or travel program.
Every coach, administrator, referees and board member in Delaware must complete a Risk Management application; there are two parts, both of which must be completed.

The first part includes contact information and background information on the individual.
The second part must be completed once FOR EACH POSITION that the person intends to hold. For example, a person who is a coach, or administrator for multiple teams would fill out Part Two for each position, designating his club each time. Each person receives a DYSA Member ID number that is unique to that person (SMITHXX640408JOH) and allows him to be assigned to positions throughout the system. Without the ID number that is assigned here, a person may not hold any position within the system.

All adults entered in to the system will receive a background check. Passes will not be processed for adults until they pass the background check. Teams cannot be created until the background check is completed for the Head Coach.  Fee for each adult is $5.00.

Once all adults have completed the information, the background check takes 48 to 72 hours to complete. When all adults have been cleared, the Primary Team Contact can begin registering players by clicking on (below) Step 4 FOR REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS ONLY.

For the 2014-2015 Season
Every organization must complete a Membership Application once a year. One person (usually the club registrar) should take responsibility for this task. Contact information about the organization itself is collected here, along with the assignment of positions within the organization such as President, Risk Management coordinator, Primary Contact person, Instructional Player Registrar, and Representative Player Registrar. 

These positions are assigned to people who have already completed a Risk Management application. If the application is not done, the person cannot be assigned, and the Membership Application cannot be submitted. It is possible to assign all positions to one person. When the application is submitted, the confirmation page will display the Database ID and Password for the Primary Contact person to use. THIS IS NOT THE REGISTRAR'S ID/PSWD. At the same time, by email, ID's and Passwords will be distributed to the designated Instructional Player Registrar and to the designated Representative Player Registrar. The Rep Player Registrar is the person who approves the team at the club level for carding. These ID/Pswds will be used for database tasks performed by club registrars.

STEP FOUR:  2 part process
Create your Representative Team and prepare for assigning Representative players online. The team official who is responsible for rosters and documentation for Representative teams is able to do this, and will receive an ID and password to the database for player registration when complete. While establishing the team you will be given a list from which to choose the club with which you are affiliated. IF YOUR CLUB DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE LIST, contact a club representative to have him/her complete Step Three above."
Click here to register your representative team. Be sure all adults affiliated with your team have completed Step 2 Risk Management before you register the team. Once the team representative has his ID and Password, you may continue to the database by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. You can also leave and come back later to the database. In the database, the team representative will click on Access Team Management.
You will see your team displayed in TEAM view. All actions that affect the team as a whole (printing all kinds of documentation, approvals) are done by clicking on labeled buttons at the bottom of the view.
On the upper left, there is a short list of selections for other views of his team. To add players to the team, the PLAYERS view should be selected. At first, there will be no records found because no players will be there until he gets started.
To add players, click on Add Players button. An online version of the player application is displayed and the information may be typed into the appropriate fields. When completed, the SAVE button is clicked, and he is returned to the Player view of the team. Click on the Add Players button again to repeat the process for each player. You may log out at any time and return later to add more players.
To edit information that has been entered and found to be incomplete or incorrect, while in Player view, click on the selection button before the name of the player who needs editing, click on the View/Edit Player button at the bottom of the page, and the player application will again be displayed. Fields may be edited as needed.