Delaware Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to attend both tryouts to be considered for the player pool?

No. All players that would like to be considered for an ODP player pool must attend at least one of the two tryout dates that have been posted online.

2. What if I cannot attend either of the two tryout dates but want to participate in ODP?

If you would like to be evaluated for an ODP player pool but cannot attend either of the two scheduled tryout dates you must submit a request by email to DYSA StateCoach, at You will then have the opportunity to be evaluated on one of the first two training dates for the player pools.You must still register online for the evaluation process and pay the evaluation fee.

3. How do I register for ODP if I do not play for a registered DYSA club or program?

If you are not a registered DYSA player but would like to participate in the DYSA Olympic Development Program then you may do so by registering directly with DYSA. You must submit the following information, full name, address, phone, e-mail, date of birth, copy of birth certificate and pay the registration fee.

4. How do I play for DYSA ODP if I am registered to play in another state. eg. i registered to play in Delaware but i am a resident of Maryland or I live outside of Delaware, but i am registered to play in DYSA?

You will need to complete an Interstate Permission Form and complete the ODP Declaration line choosing either the state you are playing in (Accepting) or the state you reside in (Releasing). If you did not complete this process during your initial registration for your respective league play you can find the form on our website under Registration Forms.

5. What is a player pool and how do I get selected to the player pool?

A player pool is the amount of players that are selected during an evaluation period that make up the age group. The ideal number of players per player pool age group is 30 – 40 players but as few as 25 may be selected. Players are selected for a player pool by registering for tryouts and then being evaluated by the state ODP staff.

6. Will goalkeepers be evaluated separately by a goalkeeper coach?

A goalkeeper coach has been assigned to the Boys ODP program and the Girls ODP program. It will be the job of the goalkeeper coaches to evaluate the goalkeepers and make recommendations to the head coaches of each age group. Goalkeeper coaches will remain with the Girls and Boys programs throughout the cycle and provide goalkeeper training at all pre-scheduled training sessions.

7. My player was born in 2002/2003. Can they tryout for ODP?

Yes players born in 2002 and 2003 can tryout for ODP. You must follow the same registration process that all other players complete to be eligible for the 2002/2003 player pool.

8. How will the 2002/2003 age groups be separated and what events will they have?

The 2002/2003 age groups will be separated in one of two ways. Depending on the number of players selected these age groups will either be separated and pooled by region, Piedmont, Midstate, Coastal regions. If the player numbers do not allow for teams to be formed by region than players will be pooled into groups of 20 -25 players. Each region or pool will have a head coach and an assistant coach. The 2002/2003 age groups will train on the preset training dates with the rest of the girls and boys odp player pools. The 2002/2003 age groups will be attending an event in Wilson, North Carolina June 14 -15, 2014. Details for that event will be made available when they are received.

9. Where and when are the training dates?

The training dates will be released on the website

10. What will happen during the tryouts?

Players will be asked to arrive an hour to 30 minutes before the tryouts begin. Times will be posted online. Players will receive two numbered t shirts that must be worn during tryouts. Players will then be sent to fields where their respective age group will be evaluated by the age group head coach and assistant coach and other odp staff. The tryout procedure will be posted online one week prior to the first tryout for all to view.

11. What do I need to bring to tryouts?

Players will need to bring all completed paper work including;
Medical Release Form
Medical Questionnaire
Player Data Form
Code of Conduct

We ask that all players wear black shorts and white socks. Tryout t-shirts will be provided that all players must wear. We ask that player refrain from wearing club specific gear.

12. What is Region 1 Camp?

US Youth Soccer is divided into four Regions. All Regions offer a Regional Camp for ODP participants in each eligible age group. The camps are designed to develop elite players through high-level competition and training. During Region Camp training and competition, players who are identified for possible selection to the Region pool for possible selection to the Region team. Region team players attend events that place them in contention to be selected for US Soccer Youth National Teams.

13. What is the cost of ODP for 2014/15?

14. Is there financial assistance available?

Financial assistance is available for those in need. All players must pay the registration/tryout fee. After this, families may apply for scholarship assistance. Scholarship applications will be emailed upon request by contacting the ODP Administrator. All financial assistance information needs to be in the office by March 31st of each calendar year.