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Mike Scruggs
State Youth Referee Administrator



The Delaware Soccer Referee Association is the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for the state of Delaware and are responsible for the administration of the USSF National Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within the State.

Through the association, you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).

You will find everything you need to know about refereeing and referee status at

Here are the steps to becoming a referee in the state of Delaware:

In the state of Delaware, the Delaware State Referee Association, offers two “New Referee” Clinics

Entry Level Grade 8 Clinic;

You must be 14yrs or older. Upon satisfactory completion, the referee will qualify to work as a referee and an assistant referee in club matches and at tournaments.

Recreational Grade 9 Clinic;

You must be either 12 or 13 yrs old. The same material is covered in the Grade 9 Clinic as in the Grade 8, but not as in-depth.  It is geared toward younger people interested in becoming referees at the instructional youth level (u6 to u14), and as an assistant referee on all youth matches.  Upon satisfactory completion the individual will qualify to work as an assistant referee and a referee for club (in-house) youth matches and work as an assistant referee in tournaments up the u14 age bracket.


Steps to Becoming a Referee

Becoming a referee is a multiple step process and all steps must be completed.  We strongly recommend the following order.

Step 1.  Sign up for an Entry Level Grade 8 or Grade 9 clinic.  You will receive an email when you are accepted.

Step 2.  After acceptance into a clinic you need to register with US Soccer and pay the US Soccer Registration and State Administrative fee "On Line".  Go to  and follow the instructions for "New User Sign Up".  Print a copy of your paid receipt and bring it to the clinic.

NOTE:  Due to software restrictions those candidates living in states other than Delaware must show the state as DE.  It will be changed after the clinic.

Step 3.  You are required to take an "Online Training Course". CLICK HERE to take the online training course choose the appropriate course - Grade 9 (ages 12 and 13) or Grade 8 (all others).

  • Watch each presentation and successfully pass each module.
  • Print each completion certificate and bring them to the clinic.
  • Register for each module with the following information (click remember me when prompted)
  • Fill in your first and last name
  • Select Delaware as your State Association
  • For Clinic number - enter the date of the clinic

All the modules do not have to be completed at one time.
You must be able to prove you completed all the modules in order to attend the classroom clinic.

Step 4.  Attend the classroom clinic and pass the written test.

Step 5.  Attend and participate in the "On Field Training Session".  You will be required to be in uniform and will referee games under the supervision of mentor referees.

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