Delaware Youth Soccer Association

Keystone Diamond Frendlies

Parent friendly schedules:

2008 U12 GIRLS

2008 U12 BOYS

2007 Girls - updated 1/31/20

2007 U13 BOYS

2006 Girls - updated 1/31/20

2006 U14 BOYS

2005 U15, 2004, U16, 2003 U17 GIRLS

2005/04/03 Boys - updated 1/31/20

Facility Map: here DE Turf

Parking Policy: DE Turf will be charging for parking for tournament weekends at the DE Turf . DE Turf has partnered with Park Mobile to ensure that this process is smooth and easy to do. Park Mobile is a commonly used pay-to-park system that you will see in major cities and even at our famous Delaware Beaches.


  1. Download Park Mobile App
  2. Type in DE Turf's Zone # 46123
  3. Select payment option
  4. Pay

Single Day Pass: $10
Weekend Pass: $15

Please download the app