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Target United Cup Rules






Rules of Play-US Youth Soccer, Delaware Youth Soccer and FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall govern this competition.


U8 and U10 teams will play a three-game festival format. All participants will receive a participation award

U12 to U18 teams will play a three-games (when possible).  The top two teams in each division will play for a championship

Rosters-Each team must submit a recreational roster that has been certified by their club.  Roster to include player’s name, date of birth, gender, coaches name, email and phone number.  Coaches must possess a Medical Release form for each player.

Check-In-Each coach will check in their team at headquarters at least 30 minutes prior to the teams’ first game.  At that time, coaches will receive a stamped certified Target United Cup roster.  Players should be at the field of play, at least 15 minutes before the games begin.

Game Info-

U8 games will be played using the 4 v 4 format and no goalkeepers
U10 games will be played using the 7 v 7 format, with a goalkeeper
U12 games will be played using the 9 v 9 format, with a goalkeeper
U14 and above will be played using the 11 v 11 format, with a goalkeeper

For the U8 and U10 teams, a minimum of 4 players per team must be on the field at the posted game time.  For U12 thru U18 teams, a minimum of 7 players per team must be on the field at the game time.  Any team without the minimum number of players at game time will forfeit the game.  NO grace period will be provided.  Coaches must be on the roster to sit on the sideline with the team.

Length of games-

U8 will play four 12-minute quarters (USYS)

U10 and older: will play two 25min halves, with a 5-minute halftime


Ball size-

The home team will provide the game ball.  U8 teams will use a size 3 ball.  U10 and U12 will use a size 4 ball and U14 and above will use a size 5 ball.

Overtime Rules-

In the event of a tie in the U8 and U10 divisions, there will be no overtime.  For the U12 and older teams, the game will be decided by penalty kicks.  There will be no overtime periods.

Concussion Policy-

In the event of a concussion or possible concussion, the referee will stop play, evaluate the player and if possible move the player to the sidelines.  The player may not re-enter the game or the event unless a doctor authorizes that the player is able to play.  The doctor’s authorization must be forwarded to a DYSA Official.  It is the coach’s responsibility to monitor the health and safety of his/her players.  The referee at times may be obstructed and not have vision of an incident.  If the coach feels that a player has been injured and could have a potential concussion, the coach should get the referee’s attention and ask for the player to be removed from the game.


Must be of like color and kind.  The home team is the first team on the schedule and is listed as the home team.  In the event of same colored jerseys, the home team is responsible for changing or wearing pinnies.  Goalkeepers must wear a contrasting jersey than their teammates and the opposing team.


FIFA laws regarding offside will apply for U10 and older age groups


In the event that a player or coach is ejected from a game, the player or coach will be suspended from the current game and the next scheduled game.


Due to the nature of the tournament, no protests will be entertained. If a team protests and/or refuses to play the game, they will FORFEIT the game.  Forfeit fees of $150.00 per game shall be assessed. 




Will be provided and paid by Delaware Youth Soccer Association

Inclement weather-

Games may be shortened or eliminated due to inclement weather.  All schedule changes will be posted on the DYSA website at  Should games be canceled before they begin each day, a message will be on the DYSA phone (302) 584-0008 and website.


Delaware Youth Soccer, the tournament director and committee reserve the right to alter, modify or change any rule, procedure or schedule for the “Good of the Game”




Delaware Youth Soccer is a member of
US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, and FIFA
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