The Delaware Cup is our state tournament designed for those teams looking to play against teams of similar abilities for a state championship title.  The Delaware Cup:

1.  Provides a progressive, competitive experience to teams registered with Delaware Youth Soccer Association from the 
     state to the regional and national level.   Champions will represent DYSA in the National Championship Series, Finalist will
     represent  DYSA in the President's Cup Series.      

2.  Gives players an additional opportunity to compete against teams from across the country at a high level for the joy and the
     challenge of the game

3.  Provides the chance to experience a unique soccer event with camaraderie, community, and competition through sport


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Representative teams that are registered with Delaware Youth Soccer are eligible to apply.  If more than one team applies in an age group, a game or games will be scheduled to determine winners to attend the NCS Regional Event in Spotslyvania, VA.  Finalists will attend the Regional President's Cup in Barboursville, WV.


CUP FORMAT Teams U12-U19 for both boys and girls may enter the competition.  U19's will advance to the NCS regional event, however, the finalist in these age groups will not advance to the President's Cup.
APPLICATION       FEE The cost to enter is $650 per team.  A bond of $250 per team is also required.
TEAM ELIGIBILITY Teams must be registered with DYSA  by April 1st for U12 thru U18 age groups of the current competition year and in good standing. U19 age groups must be registered by May 1st of the current competition year. All teams except U19 must be participating in a US Youth Soccer sanctioned league with at least four (4) teams in the same division, during the current seasonal year. Teams must consist of 50% Delaware residents (college students qualify if they live in Delaware).
AGE GROUPS U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19 for boys and girls.  U19's will not advance to the Regional President's Cup
ROSTERS Rosters for teams participating in The Delaware Cup will freeze 14 days before the age groups first game
GUEST PLAYERS Guest players are not permitted on any teams participating in The Delaware Cup
FORFEIT FEES Any team forfeiting a game will be fined $250 per game and full referee fees
APPLICATION Complete the application and mail a check for $650 plus $250 for the bond to DYSA, 222 Benjamin Blvd., Bear, DE 19701
APPLICATION DEADLINE All applications must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2018.  No metered mail or drop offs will be accepted
GAME AVAILABILITY All teams must make themselves available for all weekends from April 7 to May 13. Game dates will be determined by the number of teams that register in the respective age groups.  
FINES Teams must recognize that The Delaware Cup teams that withdraw from the state, regional or national events will be subject to fines.  Please see fine fee schedule in The Delaware Cup rules.  Delaware Cup Rules
TEAM REGISTRATION All teams must register prior to their first game.  Registrations will only be accepted electronically. All teams must email a copy of the Team Information Sheet (Available Here), copy of team's roster and a copy the printed player cards for each member of the team including coaches and manager. When emailing the information for the Delaware Cup, please note that passes must be printed on US Youth card stock and be laminated.  We will not accept a copy of the PDF file from the database.  Passes that are not printed correctly, will be returned, so they can be reprinted.  Please send all documents as one PDF file to Laura Sturdivant, Executive Director, at
INELIGIBLE PLAYERS If a coach plays an ineligible player, the team will be declared ineligible and all games played will be forfeited.  If you are not sure if any of your players received any red cards, it is your responsibility to check with the Delaware Cup Committee.

All registered teams may withdraw from the Delaware Cup and receive a full refund of the entry fees until the posted registration deadline for their age group.  A withdraw after this date will result in a forfeiture of the entry fee.  

Teams forfeiting games during the competition for any reason will be subject to a $250 fine per game forfeited.  The registration fee and bond fee will also be forfeited.




DYSA will follow the US Youth Soccer Protocol for the Delaware Cup

Concussion Protocol
Concussion Notification