Procedure for Online e-Travel Registration


DYSA members can now get, instantly, approved tournament and travel forms right here on our web site. Five different authorization forms are available.

  •     Tournament Guest Player Form
  •     Permission to Host Friendly Game(s)
  •     Permission to Travel to US Youth Soccer Event
  •     Notification of Participation in Another Organization's Event
  •     Travel to Out of State Friendly Game(s)
  •     Permission to Participate in an Out of State League

E-Travel Registration is easy to use:

  1.     Select which form you need and click on "Submit."
  2.     Enter your DYSA registered team ID and all other information requested
  3.     After ensuring your date is correct, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.
  4.     Your approved form is returned and displayed. The DYSA State Office will receive immediate notification of your request and will let you know within 2 business days if your request is disapproved. Otherwise your form is approved.
  5.     Then use your browser’s print function to print out your copy of the authorization or notification.
  6.     After you read and agree to the statements at the bottom, sign your form.
  7.     For state associations outside of Region One, please check with the Tournament Director.