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Adding Players to an Approved Roster - To add a player to an existing approved roster, use the Player Status Change icon on the the Team page.  Once the player has been added, the Club Registrar must approve at the club level.  Once approved at the club level, the additonal player will be approved at the State level.  Team manager will then be able to print a card and new approved roster.

Adding Secondary Players
- To add a secondary player to your roster, you must first print the Player Status Change form.  The form must be signed by player, parent, primary and secondary coach.  Signed form and check payable to DYSA in the amount of $10 can then be mailed to DYSA, c/o Melody McNulty, 80 Beech Hill Drive, Newark, DE 19711.  Once the form and check are received, the secondary player will be approved in the system.  Team manager will then be able to print the secondary card and new approved roster.
There is no limit to the number of players who may agree to be a secondary player on any one team.  However, a maximum of four (4) can show on the roster at any one time.

Releasing a Player - To release an approved player from a roster, please go to your Player Page, select player and then use the Request Player Status Change icon.  The option to release the player will then show in the drop down box.  Club Registrar will then need to approve the release in the system.  Once approved at Club level, then release will be approved at the State level and manager will be able to print a new approved roster.