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Article I


This organization shall be incorporated and known as the Delaware Youth Soccer Association (hereafter referred to as DYSA)

Article II


The purpose of this Association shall be to promote, foster and perpetuate the game of soccer on youth level in this territory designated as Delaware Youth Soccer, and foster the physical, mental and emotional, growth, through the sport of soccer. This Association shall exercise complete governmental control of said game except in those matters reserved by the United States Soccer Federation or The United States Youth Soccer Association. This Association shall be established and maintained as a non-profit educational organization that is tax exempt.


Article III

Colors and Insignia

The representative colors of this Association shall be blue, gold and white. The insignia of the Association may be reproduced, displayed or otherwise used only as provided by the Board of Directors.


Article IV

General Provisions

Section 1


Delaware Youth Soccer Association, Inc. shall be an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). DYSA shall be subject to the authority of the Federation of Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

  1. To the extent permissible under applicable law, the USSF and USYSA article of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and requirements, supersede, and take precedence over governing documents and decisions of the DYSA.
  2. To the extent permissible under applicable law, the DYSA and its members shall abide by USSF and USYSA article of incorporation, bylaws, policies, and requirements, including those regarding interplay.
  3. The DYSA shall register all of its players, coaches, teams, referees, and administrators with the USSF at least once each year and timely pay all dues and fees of the USSF.
  4. The DYSA shall provide the Secretary General of the USSF an annual report of its activities and its most current annual financial statements within 90 days after the start of the USSF’s seasonal year.
  5. The DYSA will allow the USSF to review its documents and procedures, upon request of the USSF, not less than every four (4) years to determine compliance with the Federation’s Bylaws.
  6. The DYSA will not join any organization that has requirements that conflict with USSF articles, bylaws, policies, or requirements.


Section 2


The DYSA shall exercise through its Board of Directors all such powers as may be required in the furtherance of its stated purposes, not inconsistent with the articles, bylaws, rules, and requirements of the USSF and the USYSA and/or the laws of the relevant jurisdictions.

Section 3


The DYSA will not discriminate against any individual, on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin.

Article V


Section 1


Membership in the DYSA and in its constituent/affiliated leagues, clubs, and associations is open to any soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials not subject to suspension under Section 4 of Bylaw of the USSF, and to any amateur soccer organization the State of Delaware.

Section 2


  1. Team- A youth soccer team shall be deemed to be any group of not less than seven (7) persons, a majority of whom resides in the State of Delaware and who,  preceding the start of any seasonal year, have not reached the age of nineteen (19) years, all of whom shall be registered with the DYSA, and is organized to compete as a team with a designated person, 18 years old or older, responsible for its activities.  
  2. Independent Team- A team that is not registered through constituent or affiliate member and has fewer than twenty-five (25 players)
  3. Club- An organization, maintaining four (4) teams or more that has an identifiable membership on whose behalf the organization conducts or engages in youth soccer activities. Clubs may have teams in travel leagues and recreational leagues.
  4. League- A structured group of four (4) or more unrelated teams, joined for the purpose of inter-team play under a common set of administrative and competition rules. The members of a league have the rights to elect officers and make changes to their administrative rules.
  5. Travel league- An inter-club league that uses USYSA member passes for the purposes of player identification in its competitions.
  6. Recreational/In-House Leagues- An inter-club league that does not qualify as a travel league.
  7. Association- An organization that has an identifiable membership on whose behalf the organization conductions or engages in your soccer activities.


Section 3

Application for Membership

  1. Each application for membership shall be on a form as approved time to time by the Board of Directors and which shall provide that the applicant agrees to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, procedures, and decisions of the Associations.
  2. Each application shall be accompanied by the fees due for the current period
  3. Applications shall be filed with the DYSA Executive Director and shall be acted upon at the next duly constituted meeting of the Board of Directors following receipt.
  4. Each constituent/affiliate shall designate a representative to cast votes on its behalf. Such designation must be in writing, which is either a properly executed corporate resolution, or on the letterhead of the constituent/affiliate and signed by two officers. Constituent/affiliate may indicate primary and secondary representatives
  5. Primary and secondary representatives may also be At Large Directors, however, the voting, representative, for the constituent/affiliate may only cast the constituent/affiliate votes and forfeits their individual vote
  6. Constituent/affiliates may be clubs, leagues, or associates.


Article VI

Legislative and Judicial Powers

Section 1


The legislative and judicial powers of this Association, except those which are herein otherwise delegated, shall be vested in a Council consisting of the duly elected or appointed representatives from each Full Organizational Member and the Executive Committee.

A proportional voting system shall determine the number of votes to which each constituent/affiliate voting club member is entitled, based on the number of players properly paid for and registered with the DYSA. Clubs must cast their votes as a block.

  1. Each club shall have the following number of votes:

Up to 100 players 1 vote

101 to 300 players 2 votes

301 to 500 players 3 votes

      thereafter, one (1) additional vote for every 200 players

  1. The DYSA Executive Director shall certify the number of players with the advice of the Treasurer, in the minutes of the June meeting. Questions, discrepancies and/or changes shall be addressed in the June meeting.

Director at Large shall be entitled one (1) vote

Constituent/Affiliate Association shall be entitled one (1) vote.

Officers shall be entitled to one (1) vote each except for the President.


Article VII


Section 1


  1. Directors of this Association shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and State Commissioner, and shall comprise the Executive Committee.
  2. The elected officers shall assume their duties the day following their elections
  3. In order to be eligible for the position on the board, interested officer must attend the AGM and 2 additional meetings from the previous year.
  4. Any person must attain a majority vote of the Council in order to be elected to an office of this Association.


Section 2

Board of Directors, Authority and Responsibilities. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for and have the final authority, except as otherwise provide for:

  1. Enforcing and interpreting the articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the Association;
  2. The establishment, enforcement, and interpretation of rules and regulations prescribing rules of play, player eligibility, and the conduct of players, teams, clubs, leagues, associations, and game officials, for matches either conducted or sanctioned by the Association;
  3. Approving all international youth games with a member’s teams, or any team which includes a registered player of any member;
  4. Approving any inter-state competition;
  5. Approving any tournaments conducted with in DYSA boundaries;
  6. The establishment of rules or regulations for specific cases not provided elsewhere, but which are deemed necessary by the Board to carry out the objectives of the Association;
  7. The review of constituent/affiliate member’s constitutions, bylaws, rules, regulations, in order to ensure substantial consistency and compliance with provisions of the constitution, bylaws, rules, and regulations of the DYSA, the USYSA, and USSF, and
  8. The ratification of appointments made by the President of officers, committee chairmen and agents of the Association


Section 3


The President shall conduct all meetings of the Board of Directors and all general and special meetings of the membership. As State Youth Soccer Commissioner, the President shall represent DYSA on the USSF and USYSA National Councils and at USYSA Regional Meetings. Upon approval and at the direction of the Board of Directors, he/she shall execute all contracts on behalf of the Association. The President shall appoint ad hoc committees and shall name committee chairpersons as needed. The President shall not vote in any election unless to break a tie.

The President shall have the power to call special meetings of this Association upon two (2) days written notice to all concerned; to act as an ex-officio member of all committees; and he/she shall have such other powers which the Board of Directors may from time to time vest in him/her.

Section 4

Vice President

The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President. He/she may also represent DYSA on the USSF National Council and USYSA Regional Meetings. The Vice President shall be Chairmen of the Adjudication Committee and shall exercise other duties as may be designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 5


The treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring the detailed accounts of the DYSA are maintained in a suitable manner, ensuring bills of the DYSA are paid, ensuring that amounts owed to the DYSA are collected, reporting in writing on the state of finances of the DYSA at each meeting; when required by the President or when mandated by a majority vote of the Board and advising the DYSA Executive Director with regard to total numbers of paid players. The Treasurer shall be the Chairperson of the Budget and Finance Committee and present the budget for approval, at the June meeting.

Section 6

State Commissioner

The Commissioner shall be responsible for overall administration of the programs of this Association and shall ensure that the membership be aware of and recognize the bylaws, rules, and regulations of the Association and those of USYSA. He/she shall further regulate the game of soccer in accordance with the rules set forth by the Federation Interanationale de Football Association (FIFA), the United States Soccer Association (USSF) and national competitions and tournaments. The State Commissioner shall have the authority to arbitrate disputes that do not constitute a formal protest or appeal that may from time to time occur, and shall ensure that Corporation facilities and equipment are not abused.  The Commissioner will be responsible for all background checks.

Section 7

Director of Competition

The person elected to this position shall have responsibility to administer and oversee competitions and tournaments prompted by this Association. He/she shall in particular administer the State Cup program with its objective of selecting the Delaware State Champion teams and that the Association is represented in the Regional I Tournament of Championships. He/she shall further administer the state competition leading to the selection of a team to represent the Association at any national competitions. The Director of Competitions shall be the Chairperson of the State Cup Committee and President's Cup. 

Section 8

Director of Recreation

The person elected to this position shall represent the DYSA to the recreational leagues, clubs, associations, and teams with the State of Delaware. He/she shall convey views, complaints, suggestions and other communications on behalf of the Board and shall notify those recreational leagues, clubs, associations and teams of and DYSA, USSF, or USYSA rules pertaining to those recreational leagues, clubs, associations or teams. The Director of Recreation will be the Co-Chair of Inter-Club. He/she will be responsible for communicating all rules for leagues in place. He/she hall be the Chairperson of the Mickey Wherry Cup and the Target United Cup.

Section 9

Executive Director

The Executive Director shall be hired by the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.  The ED reports directly to the President.   ED agrees that he/she will at all times faithfully, industriously and to the best of his/her ability, experience and talents, perform all duties required of this position.  In carrying out these duties and responsibilities, the Employee shall comply with all Employer policies, procedures and rules and regulations.


This position is responsible for:

  1. Serves as a point of contact for DYSA at Regional and National events and meetings
  2. Manages the DYSA office
  3. Maintains website and social media sites
  4. Responsible for helping the treasurer create a budget
  5. Attend monthly DYSA meetings and take minutes of meetings
  6. Provide support board members with State Cup, Inter Club league, Recreational tournament and other programs as needed
  7. Provide support to the Board by preparing meeting agendas, reports and minutes
  8. Administer the ODP Program along with the Technical Director
  9. Review and update any policies
  10. Establish and advance positive working relationships with all clubs in the state, Philadelphia Union and other businesses as needed
  11. Any other duties as the Board deems


Section 10

Technical Director

Delaware Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) shall employ a Technical Director responsible for Coaching Education and Player Development. The Technical Director shall be hired by the President, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.  The Technical Director reports directly to the President.

  1. Coaching Education
    1. US Soccer D License Course – Instruction, assessment, and management.
      • 1 Course per year (36-40-hour course over 2 weekends)
    2. US Soccer E License Course – Instruction, assessment, and management.
      • 2 Courses per year (18-hour course)
  2. Olympic Development Program (ODP) Management
    1. Player development:
    2. Training and Competition Event oversight: VA Friendlies, ODP Tournament, ID Camp
    3. Staff recruitment and development
    4. Training: scheduling, communication, and field/site selection.
  3. Coaching Education: US Soccer E & D License



Section 11

Director at Large

Directors At Large shall be individual members and need not represent constituent/affiliate. Directors at Large, by accepting their position, agree to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, procedures, and decisions of the DYSA. A majority vote of the eligible votes in attendance in which a quorum is present shall be required.

Section 12

Additional Officers

The President, with the approval of the board of Directors, may appoint such other assistant officers and agents as may be deemed necessary who shall have authority and perform such duties in the management of the Association as the Board of Directors may provide. Assistant officers and agents have no vote and are not members of the Board of Directors unless already an At Large Director.

Section 13

Removal and Vacancies

Any member of the Board, officer or agent of the Association may be removed from office and relieved of their duties by two-thirds vote of those members eligible to vote at a duly constituted meeting provide notice of proposed removal is given in the notice of the meeting. All vacancies among the Board of Directors, with the exception of At Large Directors, however occurring may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors at a duly constituted meeting, provided notice of proposed election is given in the call of the meeting.


Article VIII

Meetings and Voting

Section 1

Board of Director Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the third Wednesday of August. There shall be four (4) meetings of the DYSA Board of Directors.  All members must attend the Annual General Meeting, along with a minimum of 2 other meetings August, November, March, and June.  The quorum for any meeting shall be twenty percent (20%) of the votes eligible to be cast at any meeting of the membership. Meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the designated months unless notice is properly given for an alternate date. Meetings are open to all members. Only directors and recognized representatives of member clubs, association or leagues shall have the right to speak at the meeting. Any director may introduce anyone to speak subject to permission of the president officer of the meeting. The president officer shall determine the time allotted to guest speakers.

Section 2

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Board, as may be required from time to time, may be called by the President, with the concurrence of five (5) board members, whenever the Executive Director is requested to do so by board members and/or club, association or league members in good standing possessing twenty percent (20%) of the votes eligible to be cast at any meeting of the Board.

Section 3

Notice Regularly Scheduled Meetings

The Executive Director shall provide written notice of regularly scheduled meetings of the Association to all members at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting date and the notice shall specify an agenda for the meeting. With respect to the annual general meeting, a recommendation slate of candidates for elective office and a report of actions and policies adopted since the last annual general meeting shall be provided at least fourteen (14) days prior to the day of the meeting. Notice may be accomplished by United States mail, e-mail, or fax.

Section 4

Notice Special Meetings

The Executive Director shall provide written notice of the Association to all members when possible. Such notice made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting and may be accomplished by United States mail, e-mail, or fax. Should time for written notice not be possible, notice of special meeting may be verbally in person or by telephone.

Section 5


Each member in good standing shall be entitled to cast votes at each board meeting in accordance with the provisions of Article VI, Section 1 of these Bylaws. Elected officers cannot act as voting representative of a constituent/affiliate member. Individuals may only cast votes for 1 member club. In the event of a tie vote, the President shall cast the tie-breaking vote. Proxy voting shall be permitted at any meeting provided said proxy shall have been submitted to the presiding office of the meeting or to the DSYA Executive Director in writing prior to the vote in question. Any such proxy must be in writing, executed by the President or Chief Office of the member club, association, or league and shall be effective for twenty-five (25) days. Except as specifically provided for in the Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws of the Association, majority and two-thirds votes shall be based on votes cast.

Section 6

Robert’s Rules

All meetings of this Association shall be conducted in accordance with the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.  


Article IX

Association Year and Elections

Section 1

Association Year

The Association’s seasonal and fiscal year shall begin on the first day of August and end on the 31st day of July.

Section 2


Elections shall take place each year at the Annual Meeting of the Association. The nominated candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected. In the absence of an opening candidate, voice voting shall be permitted. Contested election shall be decided by written ballot.

Section 3


  1. Any member of the Association is eligible to run for office as long as they have attended the required number of meetings (Annual General Meeting and additional 2 meetings). No person may be a candidate in an Association election who has not been nominated
  2. Nominations may be made by any member of the Board of Directors, any constituent/affiliate club, league or association, or by self-nomination of candidate.
  3. The Executive Director shall, in the notice for the August meeting of the Association, notify all members of the candidates for office.
  4. Nominations may be made at, the annual meeting, from the floor with the consent of the nominee. Such consent must be in person or in writing.


Section 4

Terms of Elections

All elected Officers and Directors, other than At Large Directors, shall serve for a term of two (2) years or until their successors are elected and qualified. Said Officers and Directors elected at the annual meeting of the membership shall take office at the meeting excepting that Officers or Directors elected to fill a vacancy, shall serve the remaining term of the vacant position. At Large Directors shall serve from the time of their election until the next Annual Meeting.  VP, Treasurer, Competitions and Rec are elected in even years and President in odd years. Directors at large are elected every year.


Article X


The President shall appoint, as necessary, with approval of the Board of Directors, special ad hoc committees to advance the work of the Association in such matters as rules of competition, discipline, scheduling, membership, fields, publicity, or any other matter which may be well served by the committees. Standing committees will include:

Adjudication: Chaired by Vice President

State Cup: Chaired by Director of Competition

Olympic Development Program: Technical Director

Budget and Finance: Treasurer/Executive Director and comprised of the Officers

Recreational:  Chaired by Director of Recreation

All committees, whether standing or special ad hoc, shall be subject to the final authority of the Board of Directors. The Chairperson of any special ad hoc committee shall be named by the President.


Article XI

Adjudication, Enforcement or Discipline

Section 1

 Jurisdiction of Adjudication Committee

The Adjudication Committee shall have the following jurisdiction:

  1. To consider and adjudicate decisions of members of the DYSA;
  2. To consider and adjudicate decisions of any individual, committee or group having responsibility for administering an activity conducted or sponsored by the Association; and
  3. To consider and adjudicate allegations of assaults and abuses on referees and assistant referees as provided under USSF rules.
  4. All protest and appeals procedures must be exhausted before a matter will be considered by the Adjudication Committee.


Section 2

Referees and assistant Referees

All referee and assistant referee assaults shall be acted upon by the Adjudication Committee which shall have exclusive jurisdiction in accordance with USSF guidelines. In accordance with said guidelines, all players and coaches charged with referee assault shall be suspended until a hearing before the Adjudication Committee which shall be within thirty (30) days of the date of the alleged offense. The Adjudication Committee shall also have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters concerning referee assaults alleged to have been committed by a spectator.

Section 3

State Cup

All matters pertaining to the State Cup shall be first decided by the State Cup Committee. The Adjudication Committee will only hear appeals from the final decisions of the State Cup Committee pertaining to the application of the rules and administration of fees and/or fines. In no case will the Adjudication Committee entertain appeals pertaining to game related protest.

Section 4

Adjudication Committee Decisions

All decision of the Adjudication Committee shall be by majority vote and in writing.  A decision of the Adjudication Committee is the final decision of the Association. The decision may only be appealed to the USSF as provide in its rules.

Section 5


The appeal of a decision under a (1) or (2) of this section must be submitted to the Adjudication Committee within one (1) week of the final decision being appealed. Any appeal must be in writing and shall be accompanied by cash, certified check or money order in the amount of $150.00 made payable to DYSA, Inc. The hearing will be scheduled within thirty (30) days after receipt of the written appeal and fee.

Section 6

Jurisdiction of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Association shall have original jurisdiction over matters relating to the accomplishment of its purposes as set forth in, and the enforcement of, its articles of incorporation, bylaws, and rules, and policies and the constitution, rules and policies of USSF and USYSA.  The Board of Directors shall have the sole right and authority to suspend, expel or otherwise discipline for violating the Association’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules, and policies, or for other misconduct, the following:

  1. Any constituent/affiliate, club, league, or association
  2. Any member, player, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or other principal of any component or affiliate of a member,
  3. Any official of a member or member’s affiliate
  4. Any official of the Association, and/or
  5. Any spectator at a function sponsored or conducted by the Association or a member of the Association

An action under this subsection may be based either on an original complaint filed with the Association or on the Board’s own motion. Disciplinary action taken by the Board of Directors shall be by majority vote to those eligible votes in attendance, by ballot, the decision presented in writing.  A decision of the Board of Directors under this section of the Association. The decision may be appealed only to the USYSA or USSF, as the case may be, as provided in their rules, who shall have final jurisdiction to approve, modify, or reverse the decision.

Section 7

Due Process

In any proceeding before the Adjudication Committee and the Board of Directors, any party in interest shall be afforded an opportunity to appear personally and to submit matter in support, rebuttal, mitigation or extenuation with regard to the matter. Witnesses may be called by either side, however the names and brief synopsis regarding the nature of the witnesses’ testimony must be provided to the Adjudication Committee and/or the Board at least five (5) days prior to the hearing. The Adjudication Committee and the Board reserve the right to limit or exclude testimony where due process is not prejudiced.

Section 8

Instituting Legal Proceedings

No person may invoke the aid of any court without first exhausting all administrative remedies provided in these bylaws and in the rules of USYSA and USSF. For violating this section of the offending party is subject to sanctions and fines, and is liable to the Association for all expenses the Association and its officers, employees and agents incurred in defending any court action, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Court cost;
  2. Attorney fees;
  3. Reasonable compensation for time spent by the Association, its officers, employees and agents in the action, including responses to discovery and court appearances; and
  4. Travel and other expenses for holding special meetings necessitated by court actions


Section 9

Financial Obligations

Matters of financial dispute between clubs and players shall be directed to the DYSA Commissioner for arbitration. The Commissioner’s findings may be appealed (in writing) to the DSYA Board of Directors who may delegate the authority to the Adjudication committee. A hearing must be held within seven (7) days of the receipt of the written request of the appeal. Decisions adverse to the player shall result in suspension unless so appealed within seven (7) days. Upon notice of a dispute to the Commissioner, arbitration shall commence within ten (10) days.


Article XIl

Budget and Fees

Section 1

Effect of Non-Payment

Unless an extension of time is granted by the Board, complete registration data must be received prior to October 15th for Fall Season and May 1 for Spring season and seasonal year. Failure of constituent/affiliate, club, or team to so pay its fees on November 15th or June 1, will cause a DYSA Office to issue a notice that if the fees are not paid with twenty (20) days, then all players and teams of the constituents/affiliate are to be suspended.



Amendment, Repeal or Suspension

The articles of incorporation and bylaws maybe amended, repealed or suspended, in whole or in part, by two-thirds vote of the vote eligible to be cast by the members in good standing at any duly authorized meeting of the Association. Proposals for amendment or repeal of the articles of incorporation and bylaws must be made in writing and submitted to the Executive Director so as to allow fourteen (14) days’ notice to all members prior to consideration of such proposals at any meeting.

The DYSA shall:

  1. Provide annually to the Federation, copies of its articles incorporation, bylaws and other governing documents;
  2. Submit changes to those documents to the USSF for approval no later than 90 days after adoption and;
  3. Upon reasonable request, make copies of those documents available to DYSA members


Article XIII


If, for any reason, the Association intends to dissolve, the Federation shall be notified immediately. The Association may be dissolved at any time by written consent of no less than two-thirds vote of the total votes of members eligible to vote at a duly constituted meeting. 


ADOPTED 8/16/17



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